Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snow White Production Photos

I finally got some pictures from Snow White, the show I finished designing in January. I showed my costume sketches here.

The Queen which I showed in progress here, and the witch, I talked about here.
The Queen and Berthold.

Left to right: Dandiprat, the Prince, the Queen, and the Duke.

Some of the maids in waiting.

Snow White on the left and the maids dancing. I talked about Snow White's costume here.

Dandiprat, the Duke and maids.

Same as above.

Dandiprat, the Prince and the Duke.

Maids, Dandiprat, the Queen and the Duke.

Dandiprat, the Prince, the Queen and the Duke.

Dandiprat, the Duke, the Queen, and the Witch.
The Cat, Witch and the Queen

Same as above.

Little rabbits and squirrels.

The Dwarves.

The dwarves.

The Cat and Witch

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  1. This is really very nice photos and I like this costumes very much costume.