Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear Savers

Dear Savers,

Why oh why do you feel the need to stick a huge $0.69 price sticker to all of your patterns? I have bought patterns from the 1940's from you with a huge sticker over the envelope illustration. Doesn't it seem a tiny bit sacrilegious? Does it never occur to you that these might be collectible items which are cherished and loved by many people the world over? Even if a pattern is from the 1970's or 1980's, does it never occur to you that these will someday be collectible too. Does it never occur to you that collectors of said patterns love and appreciate them not only for the useful ability to make a garment of clothing by following the pattern, but also for the aesthetics of the illustrations and photos on the pattern envelope? Why must you force me to spend countless hours of my life with a pair of tweezers and a blow dryer trying to remove these stickers without ruining the beautiful pattern envelope, a task which I only succeed at maybe 50% of the time? Can't you just do what all other thrift stores do and stick them all in a box marked $0.69 on the box? Wouldn't that make more sense seeing that all of your patterns are the same price - $0.69? Seriously would you stick a huge sticker to an original Babe Ruth baseball card, right over the Babe's face? Why don't you value the item I collect the same as you would any other legitimate collectible.
I hope you will consider my request and stop this!




  1. Oh, I can help! I buy (and sell) patterns for a living and those stickers are a pain, but they are easily removed. Use lighter fluid. Get the yellow containers of Ronson and it will remove stickers easily. Wet the sticker with the fluid, wait a moment and peel up slowly from an edge. You may want to squirt a bit more under the sticker as you gently pull it off. If there is any residue left on the envelope a bit of the lighter fluid on a paper towel will scrub it might find this smells at first, but it evaporates quicky and DOESN'T hurt the paper. In fact when I owned an antique store I used it on all sorts of surfaces and it never left a mark except on some suede shoes once. It's cheap, easy and it works great.
    Price stickers are better than using permanent markers!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much! I will definitely give this a try. I can't believe it doesn't damage the paper or ink or even leave it wrinkled. I can't wait to try this.