Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Patterns from Savers Part 2

Here is the second installment of my latest thrift store vintage pattern spree. As you can see, I am definitely not a pattern snob. I love to see the beauty in something that doesn't at first appear so. These patterns from the 70's and 80s with ugly covers can actually be attractive. Sometimes its just the fabric, hair, styling and massive shoulder pads that is ugly. Some of these patterns would definitely be worthy of the You Can't Judge a Pattern by its Envelope Cover challenge.
Simplicity 2436. 1948 (educated guess). A nice smock pattern. I would like to make this to use as an apron.

Advance 8658. 1958 (educated guess). This is just too cute.

McCall's 7190. Copyright 1980. A dress with an "over blouse."

McCall 8444. Copyright 1951. Nice skirt a back gore.

Simplicity 5324. Copyright 1963. Basic early 60s sheath. Can't wait to try this one.

Simplicity 5576. Copyright 1973. I always wanted to make myself a bathing suit though I'm not sure if this is the one.

Simplicity 6094. Copyright 1973. Another A-line with "front seam interest."

Simplicity 6284. Copyright 1974. I just love that little jacket. Another boring vest. (is it possible for a vest to be anything but?)

Simplicity 6327. Copyright 1974. This is so cute with the little patch pockets and button trim.

Simplicity 8392. Copyright 1978. This reminds me of a regency dress. With the empire waist and gathering only in the back.

Simplicity 8757. Copyright 1970. Groovy tunic, pants, A-line dress, shorts and maxi dress. Didn't they used to fit so much in one pattern in the 1970s?

Simplicity 9005. Copyright 1979. Another bathing suit with a cover up.


  1. Awesome! I made M7190 in 1979 for a formal event. Got a LOT of compliments on it, but the guy I went with was a dud.

    Oops, after scrutiny, I'm incorrect. Not quite the same pattern, especially after seeing the copyright on it.

  2. some lovely patterns. I really like the 60's dress and the simplicity 6327- so cute!!