Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: first costume down and renderings!

Right now I am designing the play Snow White and the Seven Dwarves set in 18th century France.
I have Snow White's first costume almost done.

I just need to hem it. I used Sense and Sensibility's 1780s Ladies' Portrait Dress Pattern. It came out beautifully! I really like this pattern, especially the sleeves and how they are set in the back. The pattern is very easy and fitting isn't much of a problem because it has a drawstring at the neck and waist. My dress form is too big for the dress so I can't wait to see it on the girl I am making for. 
Next to work on the witch's dress. I will be using the same pattern. I am really excited to make this because I love the fabric.

The sparkly gray fabric is for an underlay and white shimmery fabric for an overlay. The sash will be the gray and black striped fabric.
I can't wait to make it!
Here are my renderings for the whole show.
The Queen

Duchess Dandiprat, the Queen's sidekick 
Duke Fountainbleu, the Queen's other sidekick

The Prince

 Berthold, the huntsman
The Witch

Longtail the cat, the Witch's sidekick

Snow White

Astolaine: Snow White's lady in waiting

Rosalys: Snow White's lady in waiting

Amelotte: lady in waiting

Guinevere: lady in waiting
 Lynette: lady in waiting
 Christobel: lady in waiting

Ermengarde: lady in waiting

Snow White in the last scene where she wakes up

The Queen when she pretends to be a peddler woman

Rabbit: forest animal

Squirrel: forest animal

Blck and Flick: dwarves

Glick and Snick: dwarves

Whick and Plick: dwarves

Quee: dwarf

So that's what I have so far. Now just to make all these costumes happen!


  1. This is great work! You must have a pretty large budget and lots of time to make all those costumes unless you have a costume warhouse. I hope you have help. Are you renting anything ? I would love to do a show like that.

  2. Hi Sew country chick! I don't have a lot of money or time! There's no money in the budget for renting. The theatre company does have a costume stock I can pull from. I pulled all the dwarves costumes, as well as miscellaneous pieces. I do have an assistant and a stitcher to help. The assistant and stitcher made all the maids in waiting, men's, and animal costumes. I made everything else. We had a little less than a month of sewing time after all the sketching, fabric shopping, etc.