Friday, March 25, 2011

New Patterns from Savers Part 1

It's no big secret I own a lot of patterns. I have way more than I could ever actually make, but I consider myself a collector, and you never know right? I have used pieces of patterns I never thought I would make (in a "frankenpattern" sort of way). So I thought I would share my pattern spree I recently had at Savers, which prompted the annoyance with the sticker price tags they use. I am happy to report I have two new methods of removing those stickers to try - Lighter fluid and nail polish remover. I will definitely try these next time I have a pesky sticker on my hands. I already removed the stickers from the latest batch using my blow dryer method. You can see in these scans where pieces of the envelope peeled off.
I bought so many I am breaking them up between today and tomorrow. Most of these are from the 60s and 70s with a few from the 40's and 50's.
Simplicity 6107. Copyright 1973. I love the ruffle view. I could make that with a skirt instead of shorts. I'm not too big on overalls in the traditional sense.

Simplicity 6559. Copyright 1974. A-line or Maxi with interesting neckline and boring jacket.

Simplicity 7051. Copyright 1975. I've always wanted a western shirt, though I don't know about those embroidery transfers. I like the plaid/blue combo.

Simplicity 7218. Copyright 1975. I like the dress with the contrast top stitching and pockets. I can't imagine that blouse would be in any way flattering on anyone.

Simplicity 7886. Copyright 1977. Not sure I would want this to be my wedding dress but would be cute shortened to knee length. Cute square neckline. Note the horrible sticker removal job.

Simplicity 8830. Copyright 1970. I like the skirt/blouse combo in the upper left. Canary yellow pantsuit with elastic waistband? Not so much.

Simplicity 9621. Copyright 1971. Love the collar on the dress and blouse. Boring vest.

Butterick 3573. 1980 (educated guess).  Love the flounce on the dress. Yet another boring jacket.

Butterick 5230. 1978 (educated guess). The famous Seven Way Wonder Dress. Unfortunately I didn't notice until I got it home that all the pattern pieces are missing. The envelope contains only the instruction sheet. The pattern pieces look easy enough to replicate based on the layout. Just one piece cut twice basically.

McCall's 2376. Copyright 1970.  I like View D.  Something about the dark pink/light pink combo is oh so sixties to me.

McCall's 4177. Copyright 1974.  I got this for the bolero. I want to make one in solid green to go with my Swing Dress.

McCall's 9230. Copyright 1968. Another 60s A-line dress. I like the button detail on the right and the color blocking on the left. 

That's all for today. More to come tomorrow!


  1. Awesome buys!

    Mother made B3573 in peach for my wedding thirty years ago. She used crepe-back satin: the dull side for the jacket; the shiny side for the dress. It was lovely!

    Of your finds, S6559 is my favorite!

    I bought a vintage pattern today at Salvation Army for a quarter. It's a little girl's size 6. My first "granddaughter" will be born this summer...

  2. Congratulations on your first "granddaughter"! You can't beat that price for the pattern either. I just love thrift stores.
    That's so special that your mother made B3573! It really is a gem. I want to go make it now.