Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pencil Skirts

I've decided that while I wait for it not to be snowing so I can go and get fabric for my swing dress I need a nice easy project to work on. After all the 18th century gowns I've been making I need something relatively mindless. So I figure this is the perfect opportunity to add some staples that are missing from my wardrobe. I tend to make/buy the most colorful and unique/different things I can and because of this I don't own things like oh, a black skirt. I usually shy away from black as "too boring" but sometimes when you have a printed blouse you want to wear you need a black or other neutral skirt. I don't have any. It just never occurs to me when I'm shopping/planning sewing projects that this is the case. So I've decided to go on a quest for the perfect black pencil skirt. Here are some patterns I have in my collection.

I plan on starting with Burda 8155 since that seems the most basic, then move on to Simplicity 3732 because its vintage and has suspenders which are super cool. I will then decide if I am sick of making/have enough pencil skirts or if I will make the other two.

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