Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Swing Dress Fabric

It finally stopped snowing long enough for me to go get fabric for my swing dress!
I am channeling sprin here. The floral is going to be the dress with the green contrast midriff. Can you believe these fabrics were only $1.99/yd in the bargain loft at Lorraine's?! I seriously love that place. The only thing I am nervous about is ... if I make the dress long, and the main color is white, that it will get seriously dirty at the hem and won't come out in the wash. I have had white shirts that got that general gray/black dirtyness around the cuff that would NOT come out no matter what I tried. Oh well, who's going to be looking that closely at my hem, right? I wouldn't care if this was a store bought dress, its just that if I spend all that time making it I want it to be perfect ...
I've been working on the black pencil skirts and will try to take pictures very soon.

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