Monday, February 14, 2011

New Pencil Skirt and Hat

Last night I went to see The Crucible at Trinity Rep. I got all dressed up in my new black pencil skirt I mentioned I wanted to make here.

I made it from view A of Burda 8155. I like how flattering it is but I don't know about the waistband. It's higher in the front and I don't really like how it sits away from the body in the front.

I also made a matching hat to go with the outfit. I love it and definitely want to make more! I made this kind of on a whim about an hour before I had to leave and I didn't have any heavy buckram on hand so I used some heavy sew-in interfacing I had. It worked okay, but  I am anxious to make one with the correct materials.


  1. I came across your site on BurdaStyle. Love the outfit and blog :)

  2. I came across you from Sew Retro. This a great outfit. Seems like it could be a touch more flatering if it sat an inch or two higher, to draw attention you your natural waist and really empahasize curves. I think that is the trick with pencil skirts is that they need to sit higher, really on the natural waist. For that knock out bombshell look. By the way, love the victory roll hair sytle. Such a hot outfit you've created. Great job.

  3. Thanks, that was my intention for sure, but as I mentioned the waistband sits awkwardly away from the body so I kept tugging it down so it wouldn't do that. Maybe I should have made a size smaller in the waist... oh well next time...