Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1947 blouse plans

 After the skirt project. I've decided to tackle this blouse pattern from 1947.

I spent yesterday ironing and tracing the pattern pieces. I want to make the tie collar but the question is which sleeves? I think I want to make the three quarters sleeves - view 4. The blouse has release tucks in the front and "dart tucks" in the back. As you can see the pattern was in kind of rough shape so ironing and tracing was kind of a project.
The previous sewer had made some adjustments to the pattern and they were still pinned in place
Some of the pieces were ripped and had been taped many years ago and that tape is now yellowed and wrinkly.
hmmm... what fabric to use? I want to use something from the stash. I have this red and white striped shirting....
The sleeves are cut on the bias so the diagonal stripes might be cool?

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