Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1911 Corset Sew Along: Inspiration

I participating in the 1911 Corset Sew Along over at Bridges on the Body. I've never made a corset before, so I figured this would be a great time. I'm making the 1911 corset from Norah Waugh's Corsets and Crinolines. I've previously made patterns from The Cut of Women's Clothes: 1630 - 1930, so I am excited to finally make a corset!
I got some plain white coutil. I plan of getting some extra wide lace to trim with. Here are some period corsets I've been looking at for inspiration.

Love the color and the extra-wide lace. This is the type of lace I want to get for mine.

Another pink one! Looks like embroidery or very fine lace on the top - can't quit tell. A more subtle trim than the last. Is that a satin ribbon rosette? Won't that make a huge lump that shows through your dress?

A more plain example, but still very pretty with the monochromatic lace along the top.

 Pink again! Love the delicate white lace. Seems like lace along the top edge was the way to go.

 A maternity corset. The woman would loosen the center and side lacing as the baby grew. Just thought this was interesting! That is alot of grommets. Look how close together they are!

Noticing a pink theme here? White beading lace with purple ribbon.

Love, love, love the fabric on this one. Once again - pink, wide lace, beading. Very feminine

More pinkness, lace, etc.

As you may have noticed - most of these examples I found are pink. Should I dye my white coutil pink? I like these, but pink isn't really my thing. I don't have anything against it, I just don't necessarily gravitate to it. I had envisioned the white coutil with some light blue lace and flossing. hmmm. I can be so indecisive sometimes with my sewing projects!

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  1. I've wondered about the big rosettes at front ruining the line of the dress too. I guess if they are satin they'll smash down, but still. Have you dyed the coutil pink? I think you should go with what you want, if pink isn't your thing then don't do it. Plus clean white coutil with blue flossing will look wonderful. You can always use blue thread instead of white, that will add a little more interest too.